XMPP (Extensible Messaging and Presence Protocol) is like a common language both your and your chat partner’s app speak to each other. Similar to email, there is a service provider managing your account and messages. That provider speaks XMPP too.

But some XMPP providers support functionalities that other providers do not. Some support registrations via your app and some only via their websites. Some provide more space for sharing media than others or store them longer than others. The curated list of XMPP providers on this website makes it easy for you to find a suitable provider.

This website uses data from XMPP Providers. Many properties of the included providers have references to the providers' web pages in order to verify and maintain them. Therefore, it is important that the providers add corresponding statements to their websites. As soon as that is done, the corresponding provider entry can be updated. Help us to make free communication possible and contribute to XMPP Providers or improve this website!


XMPP Providers arose from Kaidan’s onboarding introduced in Kaidan 0.5. The goal was to speed up the onboarding by making registrations as simple as possible.

Until then, a usual onboarding raised the following questions:

  1. Which username should I take?
  2. Which password should I take?
  3. Which provider should I take?

We, Melvin Keskin and Edward Maurer, wanted to tackle the third question. There were several approaches on the web but none provided a good user experience via a curated list. Furthermore, there were no criteria for recommended providers. Thus, we created a list containing all properties of providers relevant to the users during the onboarding.

When we saw that our approach worked out for Kaidan, we decided to spin it off as an independent project. That way, other apps could use our list as well. Since then, we added more providers, filtering, results, badges and apps that integrate XMPP Providers. Finally, Daniel Brötzmann created this wonderful website.