Start of XMPP Providers Website

 Posted on April 25, 2022  |  XMPP Providers Team

It’s Your Choice

Are you looking for an XMPP provider that suits you? There is this new website now based on the data of XMPP Providers. XMPP Providers has a curated list of providers and tools for filtering them, creating badges and more.

Each provider is categorized based on its properties to make decisions for users as easy as possible. All criteria for the categorization are carefully considered and clearly communicated. The source of each property is referenced for transparency and maintainability. In addition, the machine-readable list of providers can be integrated in XMPP apps to simplify the registration.

We started XMPP Providers in January 2021 with the focus on client developers. In order to target also users and providers and receive new contributions, we began to create this website in March 2022. It helps users to find suitable providers for their installed apps or even get an app that already integrates XMPP Providers. Providers can easily see how they can improve their service or website for a better category. Additionally, client developers should get a good understanding of what XMPP Providers is and how it can be used.

Before trying to reach a wider audience, we presented the website to the XMPP community on April 11, 2022. Since then, we have received many ideas for improvements. A main topic is automation.

A curated provider list cannot be completely automatically maintained. Several steps need to be reviewed before updating the list. But there are certain steps and recurring tasks that can be automated. We need to find ways to simplify the maintenance while still providing results that are transparent to average users.

We Need Your Help

If you are a developer, please help us with automating the tasks we currently have to do manually. If you are an operator of an already listed public provider, please update your website to improve your category. You can see what is needed on your details page after selecting a provider entry and clicking the Details button. If your provider is not listed yet, please contribute to the list.