XMPP Providers and blabber.im

 Posted on August 17, 2022  |  XMPP Providers Team

Easy Onboarding with Android Chat App

A new version of the Android XMPP chat app blabber.im has been released. It provides an easy onboarding. Passwords are generated automatically and XMPP providers are suggested. Those suggestions are based on our curated list of XMPP providers.

blabber.im registration integrating XMPP Providers

More Apps Supporting XMPP Providers

We created XMPP Providers in order to build a base usable by several XMPP apps. But that would have little impact if no app integrated it. Only with the help of app developers, it is possible to have that impact. Thus, we are glad to announce such a big step towards free and easy communication!

Install blabber.im via F-Droid and try it out now! There are even more apps integrating XMPP Providers already. Support by other apps is planned. If you are an XMPP developer and interested in integrating XMPP Providers, please get in touch with us. We will give our best to support you.