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 Posted on November 22, 2023  |  XMPP Providers Team

Automating the Automatable

During the past year, the team behind the XMPP Providers project worked on automating the process of gathering data about XMPP providers. Automating this process reduces manual work significantly (for example, checking websites by hand, verifying information, listing sources, etc.) and helps to sustain the team’s efforts. Automation also enables the project to be up to date - every day!

At the beginning of this year, work on automating the collection of several provider ‘properties’ (for example, available size for file uploads) started. An overview of all these provider properties gathered for each XMPP provider can be found on the overview page. Some of these properties were already available in a machine-readable format, making it easy to be collected.

A suite of tools has been developed since, providing the ability to query properties via XMPP and through the web. All of these tools are working together in a GitLab pipeline, which runs every night to keep the data up to date.

So far, the following properties are collected automatically:

The FAQ section explains how these properties can be provided by server admins.

More Automation

Not all of the properties collected by the XMPP Providers project are machine-readable yet. To enable automatic collection of the missing properties, the team works on extending existing standards and, if necessary, creating new ones. Due to the amount of manual work for maintaining all the provider properties, no new providers have been included in the recent past. With increasing automation and thus reduced manual intervention, the XMPP Providers project will soon be open for including new providers again!

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